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Kixeye's October post

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Kixeye's October post

Post by TheFallenOne on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:06 pm

Happy Fall, everyone! Let's talk what's in store for the month of October.

Drac Attack!
A token time-limited campaign is scheduled for October 3rd.

Base Planner Improvement - Base Defense Fleet
An improvement to the Base Planner is planned for release . This improvement will give players the ability to place Base Defense Fleet ships in position using the Base Planner.

Draconian Armadas
Following the defeat of Borbas, the Reaver's tentative hold on their precious Uranium Dredge fleets is slipping. The Draconians have begun to take back their place as rulers of the seas by establishing Draconian Armadas and mining for the resource. On October 6th October 9th, as part of the normally scheduled Dredge Fleet spawns, Draconian Armada targets will be peppered alongside Dredges. These Armadas will payout Uranium upon victory, similarly to Dredge fleets, giving players an opportunity to preview these new sources of Uranium.

October Event - Death From Below
The Scourge return on October 15th. This event features World Map targets and co-opable Campaigns. Some campaigns will feature the Base Invasion system! We've removed the Sector Progress Bar for this event. All Scourge Vanguards will spawn bubbled on day 1 at the start of the event. They will then automatically un-bubble 48 hours after the World's start time and respawn at 9 am on Sunday.

More information, including prizes and information on the Vanguard drops will be available on the Tuesday the week of the event.

Base Invasion Campaign - Dragon Strike & Dragon Strike Elite TLC
Dragon Strike is level 55 campaign and features two prize packs. Dragon Strike Elite is a Mastery level campaign only. Both will begin the week of October 20th. Both campaigns features a new system: Base Invasion. In certain encounters of the campaign, the player's base will be attacked by waves of Draconian ships. Use this feature to test the defensive capabilities of your base and earn the Shockwave Plate I & II and the non-limited Ballista from the standard campaign.

Dragon Strike Elite is a time-limited campaign that will feature a Mastery prize pack that includes the limited Draconian Coaxial Turret, which can be earned up to five times.

More info on this campaign and an ongoing discussion about the functionality of this new feature featuring GD Raikan is being discussed here.

October Forsaken Mission Content
This month's Forsaken Mission content includes Stealth Attack System IV, the Gargoyle Depth Charge Turret II, and the Scourge Cadmium Armor I - IV. This armor is special in that its repair time is significantly reduced in comparison to existing armors!
More info to come. New FM content enters the prize list on October 21st.

Unidentified Raiding Fleets
Unidentified Raiding Fleets begin their attack Oct 22nd.

Let It Burn!
The Uranium TLC beins Oct 24th.

What?! No FAT?!
That's right, pirates! Based on player feedback, we have discontinued the Forsaken Arena Tournament at this time. We're going to be re-evaluating this feature and it may return in the future, but, for now, it has been removed. Thank you for all your thoughts and concerns on the tournament. We hope to have news on this later on.

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