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Please read before posting!

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Please read before posting!

Post by TheFallenOne on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:26 pm

When making a report please include as much information as possible as it will be important to properly deal with the issue.

please follow the layout for making a report against someone and INCLUDE PICTURES of the incident as anyone can say someone did something when they didnt PROOF IS PARAMOUNT!!!

Report Layout

-C2C member/Forum name (the person that committed the offense)
-Your in-game/Forum name
-Witness in-game/Forum names
-Where this incident happened (in-game/Forums)
-What the type of offense it is (sexual/verbal harassment, trolling, flaming, posting inappropriate content, and anything else you think works for a description of the offense committed)
-A detailed description of the offense and what led up to it or caused it to happen
-Images of the offense
-what you believe is a just punishment
(note this is not a final decision but your opinion on how it shall be dealt with will be taken in consideration as your opinion matters! but not all decisions will be able to be used as a punishment if that punishment does not fit with the offense for example (report is filed on someone saying a swear and a punishment of removing them from alliance/ban from forums is not a fair punishment for something like that. a report filed for someone posting sexual images ect and punishment requested of a ban and removal from alliance would be more likely to happen for that scenario, so just remember to be fair too)

(PLEASE NOTE not all reports have to have a punishment issued as some issues can be resolved between both party's with a simple apology and or agreement of some sort, but the person being accused does have a right to defend themselves against an accusation made and we will hear and get evidence from both sides as its the fair thing to do!)

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