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Read before posting!

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Read before posting!

Post by TheFallenOne on Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:23 pm

Before posting a ship build make sure to have information about ships and their builds only any other random information or information having nothing to do with builds will be deleted!

PLEASE NOTE!!!! if you have a ship build and have pictures of the build itself please post those as they are preferred! In the event you are unable to provide images of your recommended builds please use the outline below for your ship build.

Ship build post layout

-Hull Name (hulls retro level)
-Long ship (retro lvl N/A)
-weapons slots 2
-Armor slots 2
-Special slots 1

-Weapons (weapon tier I,II,III,ect) (x amount of weapons) used on hull (weapon retro level if there is retro level) see example below
-Thud Cannon IV x3
-Strike Missles D51-N X2 R3

-Armor (Armor tier) (x amount of armor) used with hull (armor retro level) see example below
-Titanium III x1
-Zynthonite D5-U x2 R4

-Specials (special tier) (bullet all specials as cant use multiples of same special) used with hull (special retro level) see example below
-Engine Upgrade II R6
-Sonar Pod III R2
-Firebat II

-After inputting this info be sure to include a brief description of the ship, why it has this build, what kind of ships it should be teamed with/or a flt of just that one ship, what that build is best used for, and the player level and experience level (meaning on a 1-10 scale how hard it is for the average player to use this fleet successfully) required for this ship/fleet (also include any videos of the build in action if possible so players can personally see how it functions -NOT A REQUIREMENT!-)

But most of all make builds for all players of all levels as it helps with everyone even if you are a lvl 81 and posting builds of longships for lower levels you contribution makes a difference! just remember to label the headline for your post having something to do with the build you are making so players will know what it is they will be looking at.

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